When Working Out Just Sucks


Some days are just tough to get off the couch…

Some days suck (read: Mondays, Tuesdays, some Wednesdays). I don’t want to get out of bed. And if I do manage to peel myself off my mattress in the morning, as soon as I come home for my lunch break I just want to climb back in and sleep the afternoon away. And now with daylight savings, it seems that it starts getting dark at 2pm, sapping any energy I would have after work.

How are you supposed to stay dedicated to your fitness goals on days like this? How do you go for that run, or grab your bike, or pick up those dumbbells?

The tough answer: Suck it up.

The nice answer: Suck it up. Please.

I know nobody wants to hear that. I don’t even like typing it. It hurts. But it’s also true. If you are going to reach your fitness goals, you’re going to have to be consistent. Even on days when you don’t feel like it. It’s so important.

Has anyone ever told you “it gets easier to quit the more you do it”? Well, it’s true. The first time you break your workout routine, you feel guilty. But if you do it again the next day, it is easier to justify because you have already missed once. And if you’ve missed two days in a row, then it makes sense to skip the rest of the week and start up again next week, right? WRONG.

Even if it sucks, try your best to keep yourself to a routine. It will become harder and harder to break as you stick with it, which will get you in better and better shape and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: stick to your routine > the routine gets harder to break > you look better > you want to stick with your routine.

If you have to skip a day, try to get a little extra work in next time. Or, if you know you will be busy during your usual workout time, reschedule it to a better time for that day. Make little adjustments so you can stay on schedule with your goals.

One last trick: pray for strength/energy/endurance/desire/whatever. If you are having a slow day, doing a quick workout can really give you a boost. And if you need a boost to get into “fitness mode”, ask God for a little pick-me-up. He blessed you with that body, and He wants you to get the most out of it. He will be glad to help you get going, trust me! I’ve started doing this and you would be shocked how easy this is and how quickly it can help. Try it!

That’s all I have for today. Main point: even when it sucks, even when you’re tired, get after it! You’ll be glad you did.

If you want to see a fantastic motivational video to get your butt out of bed in the morning, look no further. I saw this a few months ago and I watch it when I’m feeling lazy:

When is it toughest for you to work out? Which day “hurts” the most? Do you have any stories where you persevered to reach a goal?

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5 responses to “When Working Out Just Sucks”

  1. reneeboomer says :

    It is tough! At the same time it feels so darn good when you stick to a fitness routine. I am at the GYM faithfully Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings when they open at 6 a.m. Tuesday and Thursdays are my power walks and runs. If I get a walk in on the weekend I consider it a bonus. Great post!! I just don’t allow myself ‘not to be at the GYM’. It works for me. 🙂 🙂

  2. thoughtsontheatre says :

    It does get easier with time…but it sometimes falls to the bottom on the “want to do” list, doesn’t it? Have to want it for the right reasons.

    • Healthy Happy Holy says :

      Absolutely. I know I have at least one or two days each week where I just have to force myself to get in the gym, and once I’m in there I get going. But getting there is half the battle, so you need to remember why you made the commitment in the first place (and the consequences for falling behind on your goals).

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